Senior Nationals

The first Senior Nationals organised by the BAA were in 1968 at the National Sports Centre, Crystal Palace. A club from Epsom and Ewell were crowned club champions.

The event categories at senior nationals include:

Aikido Tanto Randori

Tanto Randori

In this event a player demonstrates their ability to deal with a thrusting attack from a short baton, formally known as a “Tanto”. Two players are involved, each in turn taking the part of an attacker (Tanto) and a defender (Toshu).

Aikido Embu


This is a formal presentation of Aikido Kata techniques by two people being observed by a judging panel.

Traditionally there are several categories of Embu including i) Randori no Kata ii) Koryu Dai San iii) Open Kata.


This a team event composed of several matches that balances the practice of both Randori and Kata.

Ninin Dori

This is a “free-style” event with three players, each of whom in turn, take the part of the defender against the other two.

This event requires considerable stamina and also tests the participant’s fitness.

The Leeds Aikido club is the most successful senior club with 19 National championships. The Stratford on Avon won the club championship for 11 years from 1971 to 1981 (in 1979, they partnered with the Redditch club).

In terms of individual Randori champions

  • L. Beardsmore and D. Jones have been the Women’s Tanto Randori champions on six occasions.
  • S. Evans, D. Fielding and R. Zeil have been the Men’s Tanto Randori champions on four occasions.
  • P. Carr, H. Dervish, M. Eustace, F. W Lord and M. Pratt have been the Men’s Tanto champion on three occasions.

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Junior Nationals

The first Junior National championship was in 1977 at Leeds Athletic Institute, Leeds. A club from Newport Pagnell were crowned club champions.

Juniors compete in up to four events in three age categories (Under 8s, 10s, and 12s).

  • Embu – from the basic 17 techniques of the Tomiki Aikido.
  • Tanto Kakarigieko – One defender (tori) performing with one attacker (uke).
  • Ninin Dori – One defender (tori) performing with two attackers (ukes). This is a fast free flowing and dynamic event.
  • Tanto Avoidance (Tai Sabaki) – Two opponents take turns to use the Tanto in a best of six-strike contest.

Young adults compete in up to 5 events within two age categories, (14s and 16s), as they have one additional event.

  • Open Kata – A kata with a broader range of technique being performed at a higher level of skill.

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Worldwide Sports Aikido Federation

Worldwide Sports Aikido Federation (WSAF) is now the organising body for international competitions. Competitions have been held in London (2017), San Diego, USA (2019) and Tenri, Japan (2023).

All senior competitors WSAF 2023, Tenri Japan

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