The Benefits of British Aikido Association Membership

A member of the British Aikido Association receives many opportunities including:

  • Excellent standards of Aikido with members having the opportunity to attend national and international recognised gradings.
  • Opportunity to practice Traditional, Yoshinkan and Tomiki Aikido both traditional and modern including Korryu-no-kata and none competitive Aikido.
  • Quality instruction with some of the highest qualified and knowledgeable instructors in the world both foreign and domestic.
  • Access to a well established Coach Training programme and nationally recognised Coaching Qualifications.
  • An opportunity to take part in national courses and a range of local training days at a variety of locations throughout the country.
  • Promotion of club through website, magazine and being part of the UKs largest single Aikido association.

British Aikido Association Benefits :

  • Access to DBS checking facility, mandatory for all registered Coaches.
  • Comprehensive insurance cover including Coaches Professional Indemnity, member-to-member liability and Permanent Disablement Insurance cover.
  • Opportunity to take part in Junior, Youth or Senior competitions at Regional, National and International level.
  • Availability to practise with and possibly join the highly successful British National Team.

​British Aikido Association Benefits : 

  • Membership of Worldwide Sports Aikido Federation, the International Governing Body for Competitive Aikido.