Bob Jones (8th Dan BAA) wrote the following articles for Martial Arts Illustrated (MAI) looking at principles of Aikido and Sport (Randori) Aikido. Bob outlines the principles and practice of competitive Tomiki Aikido for the MAI’s wide audience of martial arts practitioners and enthusiasts.

The series is entitled Spirit of the Samurai – The Aikido Way making the important connection between the development of mind and body. Bob opens his first article with this important reminder;

“In Aikido, individuals must also learn that is not just techniques that they have to master. The development of the ‘self’ is also an important factor in the development of a true martial artist. Without this holistic approach to development, maximum effect cannot be achieved.”

Bob Jones

The articles while primarily directed towards those not currently practising Aikido, they represent a succinct and well thought through account of Aikido practice relevant to both beginners and experienced Aikidoka.