These are the British Aikido Association Policies and Procedure documents.

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Policy / ProcedureRevision DateDownload Link
Policy 1: Constitution of the British Aikido AssociationJune 2010Policy 1 BAA Constitution
Policy 2: Membership RegulationsJan 2021Policy 2 BAA Membership Regulations
Policy 3: Management and Executive CommitteePolicy 3 BAA Management
Policy 4: Code of Conduct PolicyNov 2020Policy 4 BAA Codes of Conduct
Policy 5: Financial Regulations
Nov 2019Policy 5 BAA Finance
Policy 7: Coaching Awards and QualificationsMay 2019Policy 7 BAA Coaching Regulations
Policy 8: InsuranceNov 2020Policy 8 BAA Insurance
Policy 9.1 BAA Junior and Youth Competition RulesJul 2005Policy 9.1 BAA Junior and Youth Competition Rules
Policy 9.2 BAA Senior Competition RulesJul 2005Policy 9.2 BAA Senior Competition Rules
Policy 10: Judge and Referee StandardsJan 2021Policy 10 BAA Judge and Referee Standards
Policy 11: Examinations and Grading PolicyAug 2021Policy 11 BAA Examiner Regulations
Policy 12: Social Media, Marketing and RepresentationPolicy 12 BAA Social Media
Policy 13: Public Interest Disclosure Policy Policy 13 Public Interest
Policy 14 : Health and Safety Policy and GuidelinesMar 2019Policy 14 Health and Safety
Policy 15: British National Team Bye Laws
Apr 2019Policy 15 National Team Bye Laws
Policy 16: Anti-Doping Policy and GuidelinesMar 2019Policy 16 BAA Anti Doping Guidelines
Policy 17: Child Protection Policy, Procedures and GuidelinesMar 2019Policy 17 BAA Child Protection
Policy 18: Equity Feb 2018Policy 18 BAA Equity
Policy 19: Safeguarding AdultsNov 2020Policy 19 BAA Adult Safeguarding
Policy 20: Data Protection Policy and GuidelinesMar 2019Policy 20 BAA Data Protection
Policy 21: Corporate Social ResponsibilityMar 2019Policy 21 BAA Corporate Social Responsibility
Policy 22 : Environmental PolicyJan 2018Policy 22 BAA Environmental
Policy 23 : PrivacyMar 2019Policy 23 BAA Privacy
Policy 24: Policy on International AffiliationApril 2019Policy 24 BAA International Policy
Policy 25: ComplaintsFeb 2018Policy 25 BAA Complaints