These are the British Aikido Association Policies and Procedure documents.

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Policy / ProcedureRevision DateDownload Link
Policy 1: Constitution of the British Aikido AssociationJune 2010Policy 1 BAA Constitution
Policy 2: Membership RegulationsJan 2021Policy 2 BAA Membership Regulations
Policy 3: Management and Executive CommitteePolicy 3 BAA Management
Policy 4: Code of Conduct PolicyNov 2020Policy 4 BAA Codes of Conduct
Policy 5: Financial Regulations
Nov 2019Policy 5 BAA Finance
Policy 6: Grading SyllabusBAA Junior Syllabus Ages-5-to-9
BAA Youth Syllabus Ages-10-to-15
BAA Adult Kyu Grade Syllabus
BAA Adult Tomiki Dan Syllabus (2021)
Policy 7: Coaching Awards and QualificationsMay 2019Policy 7 BAA Coaching Regulations
Policy 8: InsuranceNov 2020Policy 8 BAA Insurance
Policy 9: Competition RulesJul 2005Policy 9.1 BAA Junior and Youth Competition Rules
Policy 9.2 BAA Senior Competition Rules
Policy 10: Judge and Referee StandardsJan 2021Policy 10 BAA Judge and Referee Standards
Policy 11: Examinations and Grading PolicyAug 2021Policy 11 BAA Examiner Regulations
Policy 12: Social Media, Marketing and RepresentationPolicy 12 BAA Social Media
Policy 13: Public Interest Disclosure Policy Policy 13 Public Interest
Policy 14 : Health and Safety Policy and GuidelinesMar 2019Policy 14 Health and Safety
Policy 15: British National Team Bye Laws
Apr 2019Policy 15 National Team Bye Laws
Policy 16: Anti-Doping Policy and GuidelinesMar 2019Policy 16 BAA Anti Doping Guidelines
Policy 17: Child Protection Policy, Procedures and GuidelinesMar 2019Policy 17 BAA Child Protection
Policy 18: Equity Feb 2018Policy 18 BAA Equity
Policy 19: Safeguarding AdultsNov 2020Policy 19 BAA Adult Safeguarding
Policy 20: Data Protection Policy and GuidelinesMar 2019Policy 20 BAA Data Protection
Policy 21: Corporate Social ResponsibilityMar 2019Policy 21 BAA Corporate Social Responsibility
Policy 22 : Environmental PolicyJan 2018Policy 22 BAA Environmental
Policy 23 : PrivacyMar 2019Policy 23 BAA Privacy
Policy 24: Policy on International AffiliationApril 2019Policy 24 BAA International Policy
Policy 25: ComplaintsFeb 2018Policy 25 BAA Complaints