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Issue No 12 September 2022

From the Chair

As we move from Summer into Autumn the BAA was sad to hear of the very sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II, The BAA on behalf of its members send their sincere condolences to the Royal family.

When I look back to July when we finally started to emerge from the restrictions of the pandemic, I wasn’t sure how martial arts clubs in general would look. Those that stopped training and found other ways to fill their time, would they return to the dojo’s? when I attended the WSAF competition at Dartford recently it was good to see such an excellent turnout, membership numbers are improving but I would urge those who have still yet to restart their BAA memberships, I do appreciate that we are all now in the grip of and economical challenge and all of our disposable income is going to be challenged, I will raise this at the earliest opportunity with the EC to see if anything can be done to support our members.


Notice of Annual General Meeting 2022 of the British Aikido Association Date:

Sunday, 2nd October 2022

Time: 10.30a.m.

Via On-line Meeting

The positions due for consideration this year: By Election (with full voting rights):

• Chairman (CHAIR)

• Club Liaison Officer (CLO) By Appointment (with full voting rights):

• Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

• Communications Officer (CO) By Appointment (non-voting rights):

• Fellows By Appointment – Non-attending appointed officers (non-voting rights):

• Sponsorship Officer (SPO)

• Health and Safety Officer (HSO)

Please contact the BAA General secretary for details how to join the virtual meeting:-

Claire Grundy BAA General Secretary –

WSAF European Championships 2022.

WSAF Europeans took place on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July at the Dartford Judo Club, Kent. This was the postponed event that was scheduled to take place in Romania two years ago. The competition was attended by over 120 young people and 60 adults but from only four nations, UK, France, Ireland and Ukraine. There was a good standard with many individuals achieving medals that had not previously competed. The WSAF / BAA wish to thanks Rob Hartshorne and Nicole Anson and all the judges and officials who turned out to make the event such a success. Full results are posted on the BAA and WSAF websites.

With the possibility of a World Championship in Japan in 2023 the next European event will be scheduled for 2024.

BAA National Championships.

These took place on Sunday 10th April in Bradford and was a joint Junior/Senior event. It was well attended with over 120 Aikidoka in attendance. A full list of the results is available on the BAA website.

National Dan Grading.

The first BAA National Dan Grading under the revised rules took place on Sunday 3rd July at Ichiban Leeds and was a huge success.

The following were promoted:-

  • Mark Aldridge to 6th Dan
  • Keith McClean to 5th Dan
  • Andy Rigby to 4th Dan
  • Kally Shergill to 3rd Dan
  • Matt Goodall to 3rd Dan
  • Dan White to 2nd Dan
  • Eoghan Conroy to 2nd Dan
  • Jason Clarkson to 1st Dan
  • Bradlee Clarkson to 1st Dan

The event is to be rotated between the regions with one held annually either in Leeds, Winchester or Basildon. The gradings are for Dan grades up to and including 6th Dan.

Next Dan gradings will be:-

Shoshinkan Essex Dojo – Saturday 22 October 2022 – BAA/JAA Kyu and Dan gradings up to 2nd Dan

Shogun Dojo Whitstable – December 2022 ( date to be confirmed) – BAA Kyu and Dan grading up to 2nd Dan.

Mentoring Groups

Bob Jones has been offering a personalised group mentor opportunity. Each group will meet three times per year to develop further understanding of Sport Aikido and enhance grading practice. There are still a few places left (12 per group only) and provide a unique opportunity for intense exploration of technique. Candidates must be 2nd Kyu or above, usually Dan Grade and regularly support the coaching within their own club. Please contact Bob on 07793 487 098 if interested. The sessions are by prior agreement.

Coach awards Coach awards (Level 1) are being delivered again but now on an ad hoc basis linked to demand. Anyone wishing to register for a coach award please contact Mark Jenner or Bob Jones. Coaching Qualifications will be available at the start of 2023.

Aikido Course and Grading Traditional Aikido Course and Grading by Tony Davis and Bob Jones on Sunday the 9th October 2022 at the Ichiban Dojo, Leeds. The course will explore weapons and traditional Aikido approaches useful for sport Open Kata. It is free to anyone who can make the journey.

Area Grading

The next area grading in the North will take place on Sunday 11th December at the EPIC club on the Wirral. This grading will be for junior conversions to senior, Kyu and Dan grades up to and including 3rd Dan. For details, please contact Paul Holding

Next generation of Aikidoka

Some of you may already know that Paul Holding has now been promoted to Grandfather!! With the welcome addition of Grandson Max who arrived on 2nd August 2022 to Mother Emma and Father Shaun – Congratulations from form us all at the British Aikido Association.