The British Aikido Association would like to congratulate Vanda Fairchild on receiving her M.B.E – for services to Woman’s Martial Arts.

Vanda has been involved with Aikido, for over 30 years. She has been British Randori Champion three times, and has won six international medals.

Vanda was one of the first non-Japanese women to win a medal at the World Championships and by 1993, she was recognised as one of ‘The Best of British Women’.

Vanda Fairchild
Vanda Fairchild

Vanda has has held a number of roles on the British Aikido Association executive committee, including the role of Sports Development Officer and is a representative on the World Sports Aikido Federation (WSAF).

In 2017, Vanda organised the WSAF World Championships in London with participants from Japan, the USA, Russia and across Europe as well as the UK. She is an internationally recognised referee and head judge.