24 juniors and youths from Sheffield Aikido, Leeds Central Aikido, Skipton Aikido, Wharfedale Aikido and Bradford Aikido clubs trained together and competed as one team at the Second Junior at the Second Junior and Youth Tomiki Aikido European Championship in St Petersburg, Russia this year.

Juniors and youths took part in regular Yorkshire team sessions for many months leading up to the competition, as well as many hard
sessions at their own clubs.

Parents and coaches are very proud of the Yorkshire team for both personal and team achievements.

“I was amazed at the success achieved by the team. The support and teamwork was outstanding! I am so proud of

Milly Bolton, co-captain, with Aryan Gornall

Ellie Gander brought home the first Youth Tanto Randori medal. Winning Silver in the championships was a great personal achievement and club achievement and we are all very proud of her.

Sarah Fletcher