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Chairman’s Correspondence Issue No 5 December 2021

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

From the Chair

Recent events have started to change the landscape again for a return to normality,

although extra measures have been put into place, training can continue as usual, and the

association would recommend you follow some additional guidance. Although many clubs

are now closed for the Christmas break at this time there is no change in guidance for

combat sports but what can we expect in January?

As we will be only too aware the omicron spike is likely to occur in late December or

January, clubs should be prepared should start to plan contingencies now based around

several options.

1. Complete closure of all group and individual training, reverting to online


2. Allowance for outdoor socially distanced training only in small groups

3. Continuation of indoor training but on an individual only basis

4. Continuation of indoor training on a group basis but with no contact

5. Possibility of adults being restricted but children being permitted

contact training, in-line with many Return to Play policies.

6. Continuation of contact training ‘as is’ but with added COVID


Any return to training should be on a common sense basis the association would

recommend. The use of handwashing/sanitising and temp checks and would

further recommend that Lateral flow tests are completed prior to attending training and

these precautionary measures should continue during this period of uncertainty. The

personal use of face coverings by members is of course welcome should they so wish.

BAA Club News

Since the re-introduction of local Dan gradings, there have been several club level

promotions the results are as follows: -

Shogun Martial Arts School – Lee Adams

Jack Wilson 2 nd Dan

Simon Baker 1 st Dan

Ichiban Leeds – Bob Jones

Emma Keyworth 1 st Dan

James Straton 1 st Dan

Ellie Hartshorne 1 st Dan

Johnathan Gilmore 1 st Dan

Thanet Judokwai ( Aikido) – Dick Todd

Chris Sole 3 rd Dan

Carl Reaney 3 rd Dan

Tyler Fankland 3 rd Dan

Robert Milward 2 nd Dan

Paul Green 2 nd Dan

Simon Davies 2 nd Dan

Paul Whitehead 2 nd Dan

Shoshinkan Essex – Shaun Hoddy

Rachel Dickinson 1st Dan

Winchester – Francis Burgess

Claire Gould 3 rd Dan

Sonya Lloyd 2 nd Dan

Paul du Plessis-Smith 1 st Dan

Congratulations to all those newly promoted Yudansha and of course to all those newly promoted Kyu grades at all these local gradings.

BAA Membership Officer

Work on the new database is going well, but unfortunately slower than expected, the database is being used now on a day-to-day basis as soon as all the bugs are ironed out a

link will be added to the website and arrangements will be made for access for each club

secretary to be able to manage their club, individual members will be able to renew online

and access their personal data.

If you need any help with club or personal membership you can contact Matt Goodall by

email at or write to:

BAA Membership Officer

Ichiban Leeds

332a Meanwood Rd



The Evolution of technology for training

When we started our first lockdown it was almost impossible to understand how

many clubs were going to survive, the very nature of or chosen martial art meant that

contact was key to be able to progress and to keep our skills sharpened, so it was no

surprise that when the subject of remote training was broached there were several

negative comments, there were however several clubs that started Zoom training

sessions throughout 2020 and tailored training specifically for online content. These

were largely successful and from discussions, students improved better than


Looking across media, and the wider martial arts spectrum there are now a plethora

of courses and training sessions available for the martial artists from across the

globe, the reality is that this type of training will be with us for some time and it’s

something we must embrace. I will be tasking the BAA to look at what best practises

are out there and build programs and workflows that incorporate virtual training.

The BAA executive would like to wish all our members a happy Christmas and a

Happy New year.

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