Chairman’s Correspondence Issue No 5 December 2021

Updated: Jan 3

From the Chair

Recent events have started to change the landscape again for a return to normality,

although extra measures have been put into place, training can continue as usual, and the

association would recommend you follow some additional guidance. Although many clubs

are now closed for the Christmas break at this time there is no change in guidance for

combat sports but what can we expect in January?

As we will be only too aware the omicron spike is likely to occur in late December or

January, clubs should be prepared should start to plan contingencies now based around

several options.

1. Complete closure of all group and individual training, reverting to online


2. Allowance for outdoor socially distanced training only in small groups

3. Continuation of indoor training but on an individual only basis

4. Continuation of indoor training on a group basis but with no contact

5. Possibility of adults being restricted but children being permitted

contact training, in-line with many Return to Play policies.

6. Continuation of contact training ‘as is’ but with added COVID


Any return to training should be on a common sense basis the association would

recommend. The use of handwashing/sanitising and temp checks and would

further recommend that Lateral flow tests are completed prior to attending training and

these precautionary measures should continue during this period of uncertainty. The