COVID - 19 Advice & Dan grading procedures

As we learn to live with COVID and clubs start to rebuild their memberships  I wanted to take the opportunity to clarify the guidance for Club/ Community and national Dan grading procedure.


Club Leader or representative of a Group of Clubs organising a local grading must Carry out preliminary planning, fixing date and venue for a grading

and must notify one month in advance to the Development Officer for Training, Standards and Qualifications (QSO)  and copy to Chairman of the BAA, The QSO will copy notice to Communication Officer to advertise event on website.

When submitting  grading notification form please ensure that the following information is included:

  • Examination venue

  • Date Examination Date and Time

  • Panel names, grades, clubs and date of Level 1 Examiner Award

  • Candidate’s names, details, current ranks and their clubs


This MUST be completed prior to the advertising of the grading.


If you need assistance in finding an approved senior ranked examiner please contact the Technical Development Officer (TDO) at least one month before the grading is to be held. The Club Leader or representative of a Group of Clubs organising a local grading must Notify Results of the Grading within 14 days of holding the examination Report form with details of successful candidates and any referrals sent to: Development Officer for Training, Standards and Qualifications (QSO) and copied to Chairman of the BAA.


  • All marking papers and individual record sheets collected by Club Leader Local Grading Centre and Club Leaders Local Grading Group and held for six months against challenges and for any scrutiny required by The Technical Development Officer.


Clubs wanting to hold local gradings and community gradings are asked to adhere to some simple guidelines:-


  1. Notice in advance is given to the BAA as set out above so due diligence checks can be made, these will include, Membership status of candidates, date of requested Grading to ensure that there are no clashes with any BAA planned events, also to ensure that no local grading are being planned within 12 weeks of the proposed date at clubs within the same county or within reasonable travelling distance from the proposed venue.

  2. Clubs are expected to hold no more than two dan gradings during a 12 month period.

  3. For 3rd dan grading these MUST be community-based i.e. you must have liaised with all of the local clubs and where possible the panel should have Dojo instructors from that community provided they meet the criteria for panel selection.

  4. For 4th dan and above, these gradings must be held at a national dan grade centre currently there are 3 approved centres situated in Leeds, Essex and Winchester, these gradings will operate once a year and will rotate the location will be posted on the BAA website prior to the event.