COVID - 19 Advice & Guidence

General grading regulations under COVID 19 

Following the recent announcement from the UK government regarding the Omnicron variant and the recent mandatory requirement to wear face masks in certain locations such as Shops and hairdressers it seems that we don’t yet know if any changes are likely to filter down to grassroots sports. On the assumption that no changes will filter down to combat sports everything would remain as is, however, the BAA would recommend that the use of handwashing/sanitising and temp checks and would further recommend that Lateral flow tests are completed prior to attending training and these precautionary measures should continue during this period of uncertainty.


The DCMS have not re-introduced any requirement for masks to be worn in sports settings, nor is there any blanket requirement for masks to be worn indoors at this time,  members are of course welcome to wear a face-covering during training should they wish.